I’m back in Vancouver, and today I had to run a couple of errands. Because I wasn’t familiar with the Broadway/Granville area, I decided to try out the most bright looking joint on the street – Boca.

Boca esteems itself on making Latin American inspired sandwiches. Despite their small space, their decor and pop of bright turquoise (a la Tiffany and Co shade), certainly made up for it. As you can see from their menu, their selections are well thought out and careful, making sure they have something for nearly everyone. Definitely not student budget friendly though, mind you, as their daily sandwiches run for $9 and appetizers average $3-5.

Boca storefront

Boca storefront

There was a regular customer who was ordering while I was taking my time to weigh my options. As soon as she heard me mention that I was tempted to go for the “Pork sandwich” she chipped in that this sandwich was a sandwich that she kept on coming back to the restaurant for  – must be good. The server said that all their sandwiches were made fresh daily in the morning. I later found out that they have only been open for two months, and there were quite a few people coming in. Good sign? most definitely.

The sandwiches are grilled panini style, and then they are all wrapped “to go”. The server gave me extra napkins.

Salvadoran Pork sandwich with Marinated grilled pork, Jack Cheese, Parsley

Salvadoran Pork sandwich with Marinated grilled pork, Jack Cheese, Parsley, Dill pickle


The Sandwich was very messy to eat as there was juices that kept on dripping out, and well, when you’re eating in, prepare to be eating by the window where every passerby can see your unflattering and impossible-to-be eloquent way of eating the sandwich. The pork was tender but firm, however I felt that it was overshadowed by the jack cheese. Otherwise, the cheese, dill pickle and parsley offered differing and enjoyable crunchiness and gooeyness. Had the pork stood out a bit more, definitely a 10/10. 

Boca is charming, the staff are very friendly, and the sandwiches are not quite to die for, but definitely good for those frequent cloudy days in Vancouver. Putting itself right in front of the 99 B-line bus stop at Granville and Broadway makes it a prime location (which probably explains its pricing) is gutsy, but from what I’ve seen that noon, Boca will be serving yummy sandwiches for quite some time.

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