[Slipperschen] Sakura

Late night hunger is in every students book, especially after a long day of studying, or especially after running around everywhere because of extra curriculum.

After a long event, a group of us decided to head to Sakura, a Japanese restaurant located in the Annex, west of Spadina and Bloor. I never really paid attention to this one since my frequent visit would be to New Generation across the street but my friend convinced me that it was worth a visit.

I decided to order a beef short rib bento box ($11). Much to my surprise, all their bento boxes didn’t have tempura. Instead, they replaced tempura with nicer substitutes like sashimi. I like tempura, but I love sashimi and sushi even more. +1.


Sakura’s Bento Box ($11) sets themselves apart from their competition by offering more appealing options, leaving out often badly fried tempura.
Copyright: Shiaoshiao J. Chen

Otherwise it’s the pretty standard fare of a bed of stir fry veggies, bowl of rice, 3 pieces of sashimi, two nigiri, a dynamite roll (Avocado, shrimp tempura, cucumber, fish eggs), and not shown here but our miso soup and salad was served separately.

Maui short ribs have a reputation of being tough to pry apart, often resulting in messy fingers, but the meat was just tender with the right amount of teriyaki sauce.  I also really appreciated the fact that they cut each rib into piece by piece. From the picture it doesn’t look like much but given how pricey these short ribs are, and factoring in the cost of everything else, $11 is definitely the bang worth your buck. The nigiri and sashimi were pretty fresh, but it was a bit lukewarm which can be off putting to some.

For those who can’t eat meat or are looking for a halal option (shout out to my muslim friends!), I would definitely opt for the Unagi, BBQ eel option ($13).

Nothing much needs to be said about service, but they were attentive and observant to promptly take away right after finishing.

Nonetheless, whats going to keep me coming back is these awesome bento boxes.

Sakura Japanese Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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