[Slipperschen] Beerbistro

My friend and I finally went for our mussels date after six months of hiatus. Since she was leaving for a gap year, we decided to splurge a bit and head to Beerbistro, located a little east of King and Yonge.

I looked forward to Beerbistro, having heard many raves – and now I know why.

Service was apt (I’m normally not really picky about service so as long as the food’s good) and the menu stayed true to the restaurant’s name: Every item from starters to desserts were infused with beer. They even had an extensive beer list that included rare finds – a real treat if you’re a hard core beer person. I’m a beer fan, so nonetheless I was very happy that the owners and the chefs did take care of their menu.

Since this restaurant was “belgian” style, and since I’ve been to Belgium (go check out a small town called Bruges, its adorable and awesome, unlike Brussels), I ordered the ‘Belgian White’ which had classic ingredients like celery, onion, garlic, cream and parsley, but instead of White wine, they of course used Beer (Ingredients: blanche de chambly, garlic, parsley, lemon, cream).

My friend ordered Smokey the bacon (beer bacon, celery, parsley garlic, aged gouda & rauchbier). I’ve heard much about this particular variety on their menu but I really wasn’t sure about how the Gouda would go with the mussels.

Another thing that I found quite nice about the Mussels menu was that all of them were priced at $18.50. Pretty sweet!

Beerbistro mussels-1

Mussels cooked with onion, beer, parsley, garlic, and cream
Copyright: Shiaoshiao J. Chen

The mussels we both had were tender, juicy, and was so fun to eat with the random soup pockets here and there. Also, they provided a side of Sourdough bread for the soup at the bottom and cleverly designed their bowls so that there was a metal fence where you can access the soup directly if you so choose. Flavourful and for those would worry about the alcohol taste, I would say you would probably find this too fricking delicious to  even bother detecting alcohol tasting.

After finishing the hefty amount of Mussels, my friend wanted dessert. I’m more a savoury person so I don’t usually go for desserts, however she ordered a Sticky Toffee Pudding to split ($7).

Beerbistro Toffee-1

Sticky Toffee with Bourbon infused ice cream
Copyright: Shiaoshiao J. Chen

For someone who isn’t really a fan of desserts, this one kind of blew me out of the water. The sticky toffee came on a sizzling plate, and even though it was small for two people, every bite was flavorful but not overwhelming. When the word “toffee” comes to mind, I usually think stuck to your teeth and so sweet that you end up wasting most of the dessert, but the pudding was fluffy and tasted like smoky caramel. It was really nice to find large pieces of pecans in the toffee pudding, and the ice cream gave this smooth finish – kind of like drinking a thick chocolate milk. My friend doesn’t really like alcohol and was scared that the alcoholic taste might take over her taste buds. Far from it. The Bourbon gave a nice kick, so it was welcoming and whimsical, not hey, I’m here to get you drunk on one bite.

Beerbistro is good for a date night, with that special someone or for any occasion worth celebrating, while not robbing the bank, all in the convenient financial district. Can’t wait for my next trip!

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