[slipperschen] Northern Chinese Breakfast


So, as a student, budget living for me means there are usually three common ingredients: Eggs, Green onion, and Noodles.

I get stomach cramps from instant noodles so I opt for the flour based dried noodles that you can cook in about 3-4 minutes on high heat.

I was also feeling nostalgic so I whipped up a noodle soup that my mom made for me when the days were cold, or I was slightly sick. It also serves as a staple item in northern chinese families: Chinese vinegar soup with thin noodles, green onion and a fried egg.


1 stalk of green onion (or depending on how much you like green onion)

2 tbsp of dark Chinese Vinegar (I used Chinkiang Vinegar from the company Gold plum)

1 tbsp of soya sauce, preferably dark soy to balance out the vinegar, but also to add saltiness and a body to the soup

About a handful of thin chinese noodles (I believe the type most widely available is Farkay’s Chinese style Wun Tun noodles)

Water (believe it or not, how we treat water in this dish is very important!)

1 teaspoon of sesame oil

A pinch of white pepper power (optional)

Salt to taste

1. Boil the water in prep for cooking the noodles

2. While waiting for the water to boil, dice the green onion (make sure to remove the root)

3. Pull out a medium bowl (or a bowl you would use for noodles, it should hold the amount of two rice bowls) and mix the sesame oil with the Vinegar and the Soy Sauce and white pepper powder if you have any

4. Cook the noodles (there are usually instructions but I find for my stove about 2-3 mins on high heat and then 3-4 minutes on medium does the al dente justice)

5. Start frying an egg. You can just use salt but I prefer soy sauce (love that stuff). This should take about 5-6 mins in total

6. Boil water in a kettle (This is very important as it helps create a good base)

7. When the noodles and egg are almost done cooking, put half of the green onion in the bowl with the base (the root has the most flavour so put all of that in with a bit of green tips)

8. Once the kettle water is boiled, pour the water until it fills about 3/4 of the bowl. This will ‘cook’ the green onion and release it’s flavour

9. Add the noodles and then the egg on top

10. Add the leftover green onion for garnish.



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