[slipperschen] Arisu

I haven’t strolled in korearown for awhile now and yesterday I had the perfect to snatch some Korean bites (finally!).

I’ve been wanting to try Arisu for awhile now, which is a korean & Japanese restaurant that opened about a year ago. Since, many of my Facebook friends went and the pictures looked divine – as such my expectations were high.

Upon arriving I was presented with a lunch menu and without looking much I decided to get the beef short ribs on rice. The price was 14.95 but because of the decor and the overall look of satisfication on people’s faces I expected that this dish would blow me away.


First came a small appetizer which was a seafood broth with some thin noodles. The broth was nice as it did help with cleaning the palate (and kickstarting my appetite) though unfortunately the noodles were soggy and overcooked.

Next came the main dish.


It was a bit different than the usual fare at other surrounding Korean restaurants. I appreciated the fact that they served the ribs with the meat already cut off so you didn’t have to make a mess while trying to pry the meat off the bone with your fingers. Otherwise, the accompanying small dishes wasn’t like the normal kimchi, japchae, and pickled daikon trio, but rather an unknown pickled veggie (which was crunchy and tangy with light garlic flavour), a couple of fish balls cooked with onion and carrot and zucchini. I wasn’t impressed by the small dishes. The short rib was nothing short of delicious, but the quantity and lack of other sorts in the dish didn’t justify the price. They also gave me miso soup and it was by far the most bland miso possible.

Hopefully the next time I come here I will be able to try something more deserving but until then, not a great place even for a nice lunch.


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One thought on “[slipperschen] Arisu

  1. I can’t tell which of the small dishes is actually pickled vegetables. The sliced stuff in the far right corner? It looks like cucumber to me?

    Because banchan is “complimentary” I tend not to think of it as included in the price for entrees etc. Plus, fish balls are more expensive than bean sprouts/kimchi/potatoes (gamja jorim). I don’t think I’ve ever had japchae as a side dish actually…

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