Durian revisited @ Victory Seafood

So, if you haven’t heard yet, durian is one of those “You either hate it or love it” kind of foods.

I haven’t made up my mind which side I’m on, but for those of you who love it…

Durian pastry!

Out of the 3-4 times I’ve had durian desserts this year, this is probably the strongest tasting I’ve had.  It’s a very distinct, hits-you-in-the-face durian taste.  It’s not overly sweet and I like the layering of the pastry outside.  My dad’s opinion is that they didn’t actually use a lot of durian and it doesn’t taste like fresh durian at all.  Maybe I’ll be inclined to agree if I’m brave enough to eat fresh durian someday.

My parents decided to go eat dimsum on Christmas day.  Without a reservation.  At 12 PM.

Not the smartest idea in the world.

I hadn’t read any reviews about this place before I went there, but from what I’ve seen the reviews aren’t extremely good on yelp.


My impression overall was they were too busy and understaffed because they were running a promotion (20% off everything).  The lineup was about half an hour, but they seemed to be seating people in random orders.  Several big groups arrived after us and got seated first for whatever strange reason.  Finally, they started moving the line away from the wall so they could set up makeshift tables along the side of the wall.  This was in the foyer.  We ended up getting a table near the door, with mismatched chairs.  Not a good start.  I was worried we’d get run over by people trying to get into line and we were so far away from the kitchen we’d either get no service or no food.

Well, we did end up getting both service and food.  And not get run over.

The dimsum was pretty standard.  It’s actually a lot less salty / less MSG compared to many other places.  We ordered the usual – siu mai, har gow, and fried rice so we would actually be full.  The price is on the expensive side.

There were a few things that stood out:

Ginger custard

It’s actually a little more liquidy than true custard.  More like dessert tofu.  Except hot.  I really liked it because the ginger was prominent but not overwhelmingly spicy.


Eggplant with shrimp in abalone sauce

I really liked this too.  The eggplant was tender and the shrimp on top was crispy on the outside.  It’s very similar to the filling used in har gow, rather than whole shrimp.  And the abalone sauce added flavor.

Overall?  6.5/10

I’d revisit for the convenience (i.e. not driving out to Richmond).  And if there were less people and we weren’t squished into a table in the foyer.

Victory Seafood Restaurant 凱旋大酒樓 on Urbanspoon

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